The rules are simple

Respect Others

  1. Don't spam1).
  2. Don't grief or harass.
  3. If you are upsetting someone, or someone is upsetting you, ignore them by using the command: /ignore PlayerName.

Be Civil

  1. Refrain from TYPING IN ALL CAPS (shouting).
  2. Please be conservative with stronge language; this public, G-Rated server, has a mixed audience containing pre-teens to grandparents.2)
  3. If a Moderator or Admin asks you to do something, or answer a question, please comply and follow all directions given.
  4. If you're asked to leave a portion of claimed land, unless its your claim, leave immediately.

Don't Cheat

  1. Hacks and mods for mining or flying are not permitted3).
  2. BitMinery is a legitimate server. Everything on the Worlds (excluding Creative) has been built with 100% hard work. We do NOT spawn items, tools, weapons, or anything else for people4).

Consequences & Reporting

You are ultimately responsible for what happens on your account. If you can't avoid bad behavior, we will be forced to ban you after sending you at least two warnings.

If you come across someone breaking the rules, or otherwise conducting themselves in a negative fashion, please notify a moderator immediately.


If you have been banned, and you wish to appeal the decision, please visit the unban page and follow the instructions given. Under most circumstances, you will be required to pay a fine before being unbanned.

1) This includes no advertising of other servers via any means of communication, including private message.
2) typing a word takes effort; there's no acceptable excuse for frequent usage of inappropriate language
3) transparent texture packs are not allowed either
4) repeatedly asking for spawned items will be considered harassment