Frequently Asked Questions

Are you paying me to play? How do you stay alive?

Many Minecraft servers have their own currency; locked into that server only. When was the last time you purchased something with Minecraft dollars?

By using Bitcoins as our currency, you get something for your time here - other than a great time of-course!

This is a place to mine, collect, and spend, Bitcoins – whether it be by helping others with projects, crafting and selling items, hiring others to help you, or buying from other players.

How do Bitcoins fit into this?

In-game, your total balance is reflected in μBTC. To add or remove funds from your account, simply follow the directions on your funds transfer page.

Trading with Others

  • Setup shop in the marketplace.
  • There's a safe trade area near spawn.
  • Trade directly with other players.

Mining & Building

Earn Bitcoin by mining or purposefully building.

What are the common commands?

Warping Around

Protecting Plots

Requesting Help


Adding and removing funds from your BitMinery server are through the funds transfer page:

  • When you deposit funds, they are added to your player's wallet.
  • When you withdraw funds, funds are subtracted from your player's wallet.

What are Bitcoins?