Exchange Station

This is where you transfer money in/out of your BitMinery account.

This function will be enabled on October 1st 2013.


Earning BTC

Setup a shop, and start selling things!

Technically, you can setup shop anywhere, we recommend the Spawn Shop, where others can easily find you.

Ready for build contests? CTF battles? Spleef! Stay tuned!

Spending BTC

Claim Security

Any unclaimed land can be mined, built upon, or griefed.

To protect your land, you'll need to hire security forces.

Once you stake a claim, the server provides your security forces:

Claim Type & Size Amount
64×64 Diamond Claim 10,000 μBTC/month
32×32 Emerald Claim 5,000 μBTC/month
16×16 Lapis Claim 2,500 μBTC/month

Shops & Advertising

The Server Shop has all your basic things. Look towards player shops for special foods, enchanted items, spawn eggs1) and more!

Details Amount
Spawn Shop Plot 1,000 μBTC/month
Advertising any shop within chat 50,000 μBTC/month

Transfer Fees

A 2,500 μBTC/month payment only amounts to around $0.33/month…that's enough to minimize abuse and other unwanted activities, but not enough to cover server support and maintenance costs.

To cover server support and maintenance costs, all BTC transactions2) are taxed at 2.5%.

1) yep, there's hidden chests with eggs!
2) account deposits or withdrawals